We will be eternally grateful for the care and support Lauren showered upon our daughter during her college search. From the initial intake, which inspired our daughter to think about what she really wanted out of college, to guiding us on where to look, to the etiquette while visiting schools, to tips on the application process…Lauren’s help was invaluable.

When we started with Tropp Educational Consulting, we had no idea that we would also be getting the knowledge and experience of Lauren’s entire consortium of college admission professionals. She was able to answer questions on any aspect of the process…be it deadlines, portfolios, or scholarships.

Lauren’s guidance for the essay was exceptional. She was careful not to interfere with the writer’s process, and has an amazing way of identifying and shining a light on the best parts. She would read drafts and make a note of “that’s a great thought, how about building on that?”

Not long ago, we were quite nervous about our daughter getting into a college, but thanks to Lauren she has been accepted at twelve schools so far, almost every one she applied to. Many were free applications earned through campus visits, which Lauren taught us how to make the most out of. Our daughter was inspired to visit schools that fit her, and to keep in touch with admission officers. She has received tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship offers, and has many great choices.

Lauren was frank with us, there were some schools we considered that she thought were not the best fit for our daughter…and we realized she was correct upon visiting these schools.

When I was frightened or unsure during this process, I felt like I could reach out to Lauren at any time. She always gave us a fast response, and would often reach out to her consortium if our concern needed a specialist.

Lauren was never pushy, she gave us advice when we needed it. We always knew Lauren had our daughter’s best interests at heart. Lauren found schools that are at the very top of our daughter’s list of many choices.

For this reason, among many, we plan to use her again for our son who is a sophomore in high school. I’m excited about the intake form inspiring him to think about what he wants for his future. I love that it’s not us parents who fill them out, but the student.

Employing Tropp Educational Consulting was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our daughter. I’m honored to recommend Lauren because she provides an exceptional and professional service. A+++++ 

Heidi G.

Lauren was such a great help with the college process.  She was able to offer valuable insight on colleges that our child was interested in such as where they fell as far as safety, just right and stretch; there are so many conflicting stats and sources it is very confusing and stressful and her experience was invaluable to give me and my child piece of mind. In addition, she has a great personal insight into factors that are not determinable off websites such as party schools, commuter schools, general vibe.  She made some great suggestion for colleges that she thought would be a great fit and also allowed us to take some colleges off the list that looked good on paper but due to her actual knowledge and experience would not have been. Now being done with the application and acceptance process, Lauren was an amazing resource that I would highly recommend and it was money well spent to find great fitting colleges and give my daughter the best chance on getting into top choices.

Allison T.

Getting my son accepted into the college of his dreams was a HUGE stress for me since I didn't know what I was doing and his academics weren't perfect. I was referred to Lauren and she took over all my worries and guided us through a very difficult process, and had all the knowledge and expertise you would expect. I was extremely happy with her dedication and consistency and her drive for a better education for my son. I highly recommend her and as a side note.... my son DID get accepted to the college he wanted and our journey has a wonderful start thanks to Lauren !!!

Tracy R.

Lauren Tropp's essay writing help was invaluable. She has great instincts, a lot of knowledge, and an uncanny ability to motivate and guide stressed-out high school students. With Lauren's support, my daughter was admitted to her early decision school, Emory University. I recommend Tropp Educational Consulting without reservation. Lauren is the best!

Sari D.

Lauren Tropp played a key role in helping my son figure out his top choice school. She is a wealth of information, and she is all about finding the right fit. One of Lauren's best qualities as a College Consultant is her passion and enthusiasm for what she does; those who use her services will quickly see she is completely invested in helping you and your college-student-to-be navigate this process. I highly recommend her and I am very grateful for her help and advice!

Lynn H.

Lauren Tropp knows what it takes to get your young adult through the college process. She takes extreme pride in everything she does and puts forth every effort possible to ensure the most successful outcome for your high school student about to embark on their college entrance journey. You will be thrilled with her level of dedication and expertise, while her intelligent and level headed approach is one you can trust. 

Allison G.

Lauren Tropp's guidance and assistance helped my daughter get into her first choice school as an Early Decision candidate. Her in depth knowledge about the college application process, as well as her assistance with my daughter's essay, proved invaluable. Lauren's insight, professionalism and patience helped make the process easier to understand and much less stressful. She was very easy to work with and always made herself available to answer questions and review multiple essay revisions! Her input and suggestions were always on-point and were key to helping my daughter craft a solid essay. 

Sharon C